Hi! My name is Chris Vella-Bone.

I help businesses increase web traffic and make more money through digital marketing. Digital marketing has always been a passion of mine, and as I started to build a meaningful career, I realised I was very good at it.


How I got started in digital marketing

I started my first real website at 17 – a dating website. It went well and this is where I got to try my hand at digital marketing.

I taught myself digital marketing so that I could grow my dating website.

It went well and I got a few hundred members in my university town.

But I soon had to focus on my studies and full-time employment.

Having various jobs in digital marketing helped me gain a complete understanding of how users engage with websites and how I could harness that knowledge into growing businesses online.

I worked in companies ranging from accountancy firms to kitchen appliance manufacturers.

Why consultancy appealed to me

2 months into my first job I knew that I wanted to do digital marketing consultancy.

I love helping businesses grow online and passion is 90% of what you need.

I had seen too many companies get ripped off by shady marketing agencies, which was something I wanted to change.

One company I worked for as a Digital Marketing Manager paid over £20k a year for an agency to manage their Facebook account.

On my first day I saw that the agency were just backdating posts and buying likes… They even wished people happy Christmas in January and backdated it.

Zero value was added and they still took their fee!

How can marketers even do that?

Needless to say that agency got found out and folded a couple of years later.

For me it’s all about upfront, good, honest work that helps a business achieve their core objectives. I have built my reputation on this.

Getting started

My first client was a fashion blogger and within the space of 4 months I doubled the traffic to her website and built a profitable revenue stream so that she could turn her hobby into a business.

I have worked with dozens of other companies since and over delivered on expectations.

One company I worked with was a kitchen appliances brand and I took their eCommerce sales from £250k per year to over £500k per year.

I have helped multi-national organisations but nothing is more satisfying than helping small business owners succeed.

Over the years I have learned all the mistakes businesses make in digital marketing and I have helped my clients to avoid these and stick to what works. I have even written about these mistakes and proven strategies on my blog.

People believe that marketing is expensive and highly complex. Thankfully that just isn’t the case.

There is a formula and my mission is to share this formula with you so that you can make you business a success online.